Have you ever dreamed of soaring gracefully with the birds, the silence broken only by the sound of the wind? Skylark North can help you fufill that dream with our variety of glider rides.
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Granny Sleigh Ride $80
This safe and gentle ride is for those who want to be able to say, "I've flown in a sailplane!" You'll experience the take-off, aero-tow to 1,500 feet, several shallow turns, and a precision pattern and landing. This ride lasts approximately ten minutes and is especially designed for children and the faint of heart. 
Scenic Ride 
$105 to $120

Enjoy the beautiful scenery as you glide silently over the ridges of the nearby Tehachapi Mountains or the wind-turbine ridges and then explore the oak-studded Tehachapi Valley. This 2,500-foot ride is designed for those who want to experience the joy of soaring, learn something about the sport, and enjoy the sights from a new vantage point. The Schweizer 2-33 sailplane is the basic trainer used for lessons and this $100 ride. For $115 you can take your flight in one our two high-performance sailplanes and experience the luxury of the latest in fiberglass. Each ride lasts approximately fifteen to twenty minutes. 
The Best
$155 to $175 

This is it, the ride you have all been asking for: The Best Ride! This flight is designed for the most adventurous among you. We'll take you 4,000 feet above the ground on a tow over the Tehachapi Mountains where you can look for red-tail hawks and turkey buzzards. You've got ample time to look around, the ride lasts about thirty minutes. Try it in the Schweizer 2-33 for only $150, or fly in one of our high performance sailplanes for $170. If you are only going around once, take this flight — it's worth it!